Max Energy Gels Liquid and Concentrated Endurance Sports Drinks
Max Energy gels liquid goes down easy. The alternative to pasty energy gels and best concentrated electrolyte sports drink for Athletes demanding great performance. Formulated to enable maximum energy output during the most stressful physical activities. Free of sugar and supplemental ingredients that cause digestion distress. Maltodextrin carbohydrates with no fructose sugar and no sucrose sugar. PH balanced with moderate sodium, potassium and chloride electrolytes for perfect digestion. 70 calories in every ounce, like an energy gel, but mild flavors and light viscosity go down easy. Functional packaging is ready to use, easy to handle, clean, green, ergonomic and a great value. Drink Max Energy straight from the Ironman or Marathon energy gel flasks to replace messy, pasty energy gels and bulky, high maintenance sports drinks. Drink Max Energy when you demand Maximum Performance.
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Max Energy is the only super concentrated carbohydrate electrolyte sports drink. A liquid energy gel or alternative to pasty, thick energy gels. No sugar added, PH balanced and mellow flavors go down easy with perfect digestion. Drink Max Energy from the flask to replace your messy, pasty energy gels and bulky, high maintenance energy drinks. Or, pour into water. Max Energy instantly disolves in water with no residue and makes up to one gallon of drink from every 10oz pocket flask.

Clean and better fuel management. Easy to carry and handle, reusable, recycleable, ergonomic, 10oz and 3oz flasks.

Outstanding performances by professional endurance and strength athletes in World Class events.
Max Energy is your best choice when you want maximum performance.

Maximum Endurance, Performance and Recovery

Many active people can boost energy levels, endurance and performance by consuming more carbohydrates (carbs) during activities.

Blood sugar and body fat are both important sources of endurance fuel. Your body stores a very limited supply of carbs for blood sugar. Your body always prefers carbs for energy as the conversion to energy is far more effecient than fat. Even in short endurance events lasting only 60 minutes, consuming carbs and water can improve your performance. When you want to burn body fat, you need to maintain blood sugar. Fat is more easily converted to energy with blood sugar and keeps your body from looking to the last source of fuel, muscle. Drink 1 - 1 ounce serving of Max Energy every 20 to 30 minutes of recreational activity to provide fuel to burn, burn more fat, protect your muscles and shorten recovery.

At higher levels of exercise intensity most of your energy comes from blood sugar. Highly competitive endurance athletes, during long hard efforts, will consume as much as 1 quart of water and 400-500 calories of carbs every hour to maintain the highest levels of performance. The athletes’ limitations are his or her fitness and ability to digest carbs.

During intense and stressful physical efforts, the small intestine gets very little blood for digestion. Most foods and carbs are hard or impossible to digest in these conditions. Why take chances? Max Energy maltodextrin carbs, with no fructose sugars and no sucrose sugars, proteins, or fats are the most easily digested and converted to energy. And, can be digested with only one half the water required for other carbs and foods. This is extremely beneficial when the endurance athlete is pushing his limits of both fluid and carb absorbtion. Max Energy has no sugar or sweeteners added to Octane Orange, Jammin Banana and Rockit Raspberry flavors. Caffeine Cola, Stokin Strawberry and Blastin Blueberry have a small amount of glucose sugar added for a sweeter taste. Our professional and elite product testing athletes report consuming as much as 400 calories every hour with outstanding performances and no digestion problems. When you spend so many months and years training for that important event, why take chances?

Want a Super Boost ? Use Max Energy Caffeine Cola . Max Energy's caffeine is a very safe, legal and effective metabolic booster. More importantly, for the Endurance Athlete, it relaxes bronchial muscles and dilates blood vessels and can bump your anerobic thershold by 10% or more. Max Energy's Caffeine Cola with maltodextrin is your ticket to superlative performances.

Electrolytes are added to help you stay cool and efficiently burn carbs and fat during longer efforts.

A 10 serving bottle of Max Energy is the right amount of carbs for three to six hours of activity.

After exercise, consume 2-4 ounces of Max Energy to replenish lost glycogen. During rest, sip 1/2 ounce of Max Energy every 20 minutes to boost your energy levels.

When you want maximum energy and maximum performance, use Max Energy!

Fuel Management
    Depending on your energy needs, you can either sip a few calories or tip the flask and with a quick firm squeeze, dispense 1-1 ounce(70 calorie) serving. For recreational activity, drink one serving every 20-30 minutes, or 210-140 calories every hour. A century ride or four hour marathon, one serving every 15-20 minutes. Ultra activities, every 10-15 minutes. You don't have to consume one ounce as a serving. More or less is ok as long as you get some carbs every 30 minutes and meet your hourly minimums. To always have the best results, an enjoyable experience or accomplish your competitive objectives, use Max Energy.(see above). Coloring is added to help you gauge consumption and is only three parts per million.
Gel you can drink
    Max Energy is 70 calories per ounce, like most gels, but a light viscosity that is easy to quickly dispense and swallow without water or chewing.

Make one gallon of drink
    Pour one ounce into 12 ounces of water. Max Energy instantly disolves with no residue.

Ready to use
    Just remove the tamper evidence from the dispensing cap. Nothing to mix, no bottle to fill or clean.

Ergonomic Package
    Max Energy’s classic flask shaped bottle is comfortably carried in your pocket or anywhere against your body. Bicycle mount cages are available from your local bicycle dealer. Mini Max reusable 3 ounce flask containers are perfect for short course racing.

    Max Energy's pliable plastic flask is easy to handle. Grab the long neck or slender body with one hand. Open and close the dispensing cap as needed. Always sits upright in your pocket, no spills, no mess. No messy foil package to carry for disposal and you never need to fill, mix or clean. When empty, recycle and buy another.

    Max Energy’s plastic flask is PET. Unlike other products, PET is the most commonly recycled packaging material.

    Max Energy will cost you less per calorie than comparable products. If you don’t need 10 ounces, close the cap and save for another day.

Six delicious flavors
    Stokin’ Strawberry, Jammin’ Banana, Octane Orange, Blastin' Blueberry, Rockit Raspberry and Caffeine Cola

Nutrition Facts
    Serving size 1 ounce (28g), Servings per container 10. Amount per serving: Calories 70, Total Fat 0g, Sodium 40mg (2%DV), Potassium 35mg (2%DV). Total Carb. 18g (6%DV), Sugars 1g(Raspberry,Orange,Banana) Sugars 3g(Strawberry,Blueberry,Cola), Protein 0g. Chloride 85mg (2%DV). Only Cola flavor contains caffeine 40 mg/serv. NOT A SIGNIFICANT SOURCE OF OTHER NUTRIENTS. *Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

    Maltodextrin, Water, Glucose(Strawberry, Blueberry, Cola), Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Flavor (Natural (Raspberry, Orange, Cola) Artificial (Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry)), Caffeine(cola only), Malic Acid and/or Citric acid, Coloring(3ppm).

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